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Though I've been publicly cross-dressing for about a decade now (even when I was as anti-gay as I was anti-tax), I've never publicly discussed my gender identity. Pride 2018 -- under a draconian leadership with a declared agenda to roll back protections for queer people -- seems like as fine a time as any to do so. So what am I? There's a few terms I drift between identifying with, but until now I've resisted acknowledging my place under the trans umbrella. Today, I affirm that as a nonbinary/genderfluid/crossdresser/whatever I am, it is apparent that I am trans. I do not identify with the gender I was given at birth. And though I have a lot of issues with what is presented as Male in this culture, there are clues from very early in my memory that indicate that this is truly how I was created. I wasn't abused, wasn't neglected, wasn't raped. Nobody made me this way except God (not that it undermines anyone else's identity if it may have been related t