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Fear and Love

If you've seen Donnie Darko (which if you haven't, what the hell! Go get the Director's cut like, right now!), you're familiar with the theory that fear is the opposite of love: And if you've read Luther's Small Catechism (which if you haven't... well, I understand. You still should, but I understand), you're familiar with the theory that they are very related. In it, Luther breaks down the Ten Commandments as ways we simultaneously both demonstrate our fear of and love for God. Lately, I've listened a bit to Father Mike Schmitz, and while I don't find everything he says to be particularly enlightening or relevant to me or true, there's one video that has stood out: Trusting God's plan for me has been difficult, because I've always harbored a fear that submitting to God's will, that fully loving God and fully accepting that I am loved by God, will lead me to become a different person. The kind of person I don't like.